CRC - how we can help

Consumption information 

We’ll provide all our Half-Hourly metered customers with online annual consumption statements so you can accurately forecast your required carbon allowances for the year ahead. The deadline for us to give you the information is six weeks before the end of the CRC year to which the information relates. 

For more information email our CRC team:

The information we'll supply:

  • Name of each CRC business (this may be a subsidiary of your parent company) 
  • Energy consumption between 1 April and 31 March of the relevant year 
  • MPAN (electricity) for each meter included in the statement 
  • MPRN (gas)for each meter included in the statement 
  • Whether the energy consumption figure is actual or estimated.
  • The number of days of estimated consumption.

If your business is also supplied by other energy companies, you’ll need to contact all of them to work out the total amount of energy used.

We’re here to help your business plan, set up and manage the CRC scheme within your business. Your Account Manager will give you all the support and guidance you need to make sure that the scheme is implemented as smoothly as possible, or alternatively contact our CRC team: 

Background to CRC

Read our Carbon, Cost and Consequences Document (PDF). This explains our view of the UK’s energy options and the actions we need to take to tackle the ‘trilemma’ of carbon, cost and consequences. 

Department of Energy and Climate Change

The Carbon Reduction Commitment User Guide (PDF) and Government Response and Policy Decisions (PDF)