A Complete Solution

We provide additional support for clients, their tenants, staff and occupiers with educational tools, smart meters and help to secure government grants, funding or finance.

Meters, monitoring and communication

We supply Smart Generation Meters for all ground source heat pumps and solar PV installations, to generate key performance data.

We help you monitor your portfolio through web access and supply monthly performance reports.

The data collected from the meters facilitates detailed analysis, helping us manage generation portfolios and Feed-in Tariff /Renewable Heat Incentive administration for clients.

The information also enables us to flag any potential problems, investigate the causes and help to put them right quickly.

Our platform supports multiple meter types, allowing for greater flexibility in meter procurement and the potential to retrofit your existing meter portfolio onto the platform.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

Optimising the operating life of renewable energy technologies shortens paybacks and improves the return on your investment.

Planned and reactive maintenance regimes, aligned with performance monitoring is therefore essential.

Our team of engineers ensure that both the demands of the asset owner and tenant are met.

Tenant Engagement

Engaging with tenants and giving them the right information at the right time is vital. As Carbon Emission Reduction Target (Cert)/Energy Efficiency Commitment (EEC) funding partners for loft and cavity wall insulation we have many years’ experience of working with social housing tenants, so we understand their specific needs and concerns.

We have developed communications materials, which have proved effective in supporting tenant engagement.