Solar energy for social housing

Understanding solar energy in your home

Generating energy using solar photovoltaic (PV) panels can be a great way to reduce your energy bills and your impact on the environment. You’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits from your new solar energy system, including:

Reduced energy bills for years to come

Nottingham aerialAs you'll be generating your own electricity, you should need to buy less energy, saving you money on your bills.

Your solar panel system can generate enough electricity to power a typical washing machine around 1800 times*.

Typically, you could save between £70 and £120** a year on your electricity bills with the solar PV installation.

Lower household carbon emissions

Your home's carbon emissions could be reduced, helping you to lower your impact on the environment.

Automated meter readings

Our remote meter reading service keeps track of how much energy is being generated, using mobile technology.

Therefore it is unlikely that you will have to take meter readings.

* Assuming a typical ‘A rated’ appliance at 60 degree wash and 0.94kWh per cycle.

** Based on the installation of a 1.88kW to 2.35kW solar photovoltaic system fitted to a South-facing roof exposed to average UK weather conditions on an assumed tariff rate of 13.3p/kWh.