Care and maintenance


Keeping your solar panels working at full capacity
We recommend that you regularly inspect your solar panels components for cleanliness and, if necessary, carry out the steps suggested below.

The solar panels

The rain generally keeps the solar panels clean; however you could make sure that you regularly check if any trees, shrubs or hedges in your garden need pruning as shade from these could prevent the panels from working properly.

Smart generation meter

These should be cleaned regularly with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust. Please do not use a damp cloth, furniture sprays or wipes, or abrasive cleaners.


Ensuring optimum performance
Your solar panel has been installed and commissioned to operate for long periods of time without needing major attention or maintenance. As we’re monitoring your system’s performance remotely, we should be able to identify and work to resolve any problems at an early stage.

However, it’s still a good idea to keep a close eye on your system and how much electricity it’s generating. We recommend that you log the generation readings from your smart generation meter every week (and at the end of the day), and also take a note of prevailing weather conditions at the time. You’ll soon come to understand how much electricity you can expect to generate in different conditions and at different times of the year.

Please note, that as your solar panel requires daylight to generate electricity, anything that puts your solar panels in shade (such as tree branches or adjacent buildings) may affect the amount of electricity produced.

If you notice a fault or an unexpected drop in performance that can’t be explained, please call our helpline on 0333 202 4723, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Inverter faults

If you notice an error message on the inverter’s display unit, call our helpline noted above.