Making the most of your solar panels

The most important tip we can offer is that free electricity cannot be stored and used at other times, it has to be used at the time it is generated – and that will be in daylight hours, so:

  • Use your electrical appliances during daylight hours, when the solar panels are generating free electricity. For example, you can set a 24 hour timer so that your washing machine and dishwasher come on even when you are out. But make sure your appliances are electrically tested and safe to leave unattended. 
  • Spread the use of your appliances throughout the day so that you maximise your free electricity supply. If they are all on at the same time you might use more energy than your solar panels can generate and so you’ll end up paying more than you need to.
  • Make sure the trees, shrubs and hedges in your garden are pruned so that they aren’t overhanging your solar panels. If your panels are shaded it could prevent them generating as much free electricity as they could.