Manual Meter Readings

When we surveyed your property to check if it was suitable for solar panels, we also checked the O2 mobile network’s signal strength in your area. This is because our smart generation meters use the O2 network to automatically send us your meter readings.

It is unlikely, but if there are any problems getting a signal to read your meter remotely, we will contact you and ask you to provide us with the readings.

When to send us your readings

You’ll need to send us your opening meter readings when the panels have been installed. After that, you’ll need to send them to us every three months.

How to read your smart generation meter

Your smart generation meter has a digital display which clearly shows your generation readings. Simply make a note of these, as you would when reading your normal electricity meter.

If you have any problems reading the meter, please call us on 0333 202 4723, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Performance monitoring

The lack of O2 signal strength in your area also means we won’t be able to use your smart generation meter to remotely monitor your system’s performance, so we can’t provide the usual performance monitoring service for your system. It’s therefore especially important that you keep a close eye on your system and how much electricity it’s generating, so that you notice straightaway if there’s a drop in performance.

We recommend that you log the generation readings from your smart generation meter every week and also make a note of prevailing weather conditions at the time. You’ll soon come to understand how much electricity you can expect to generate in different conditions and at different times of year.

If you notice a fault or an unexpected fall in performance that can’t be explained by weather conditions etc, please call us on 0333 202 4723, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.