Heat Contract

Making renewable heat work for business

""Through our new Heat Contract, we are making renewable heat technologies free to select partners enabling you to generate your own low cost heat and helping you to meet your carbon reduction commitments. 

If you qualify, we will pay for an install the technology that is most suitable for your premises so you don’t need to find the investment costs. Through our new Heat Contract, we will then sell you the heat at an agreed fixed price, reducing your energy bill.

Renewable heat technologies include

  • Ground source heat pumps 
  • Biomass boiler 
  • Solar thermal

This is a vital step towards helping you take greater control of your energy and costs, meaning you get the latest renewable heat technologies without any capital commitment.

How do I qualify?

  • Would you like to significantly reduce your carbon consumption? 
  • Do you spend around £25k per year on heating and hot water for your business? 
  • Would you like to benefit from free installation of renewable heat equipment?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, we can start to help you make considerable savings on your heating bills.

Your free energy audit

If your heating load and building profile can benefit from a Heat Contract we will conduct a complimentary site audit. 

A free energy audit will: 

  • assess the heat performance of your premises 
  • advise you on ways to lower your heating bill 
  • meet your carbon reduction commitments

""Through the heat contract we will design, finance and install the renewable heat equipment to generate heat for your building, reducing your carbon emissions and heating bills. 

We are technology agonistic – we don’t have links to particular technologies, so we will choose the most efficient system for your premises, whether that be ground source heat pumps, biomass boilers or solar thermal.