E.ON is helping to generate carbon savings of up to 258 tonnes a year for Denbighshire County Council


A leisure centre at the heart of a north Wales community was the first to benefit from cutting edge renewable heating agreement designed to cut costs and carbon emissions – without the need for upfront investment by the local authority.

The pioneering agreement between Denbighshire County Council and E.ON, will see cutting edge renewable heat technology fitted at Rhyl Leisure Centre.

E.ON will replace the existing gas boilers with a biomass system in the grounds of the leisure centre – providing a source of low carbon heat for the Council for ten years as part of a heat supply agreement.


  • No upfront costs 
  • Generate carbon savings of up to 258 tonnes per year1
  • Reducing the Councils heat bills each year 
  • Save the Council over £3000 per year under the Carbon Reduction Commitment1
  • Free biomass systems installed at the leisure centre 
  • Savings on the cost of space heating and hot water1
  • Heat supply agreement for 10 years 

The agreement

The agreement aims to help organisations realise significant carbon reductions and vital cost savings, with the added benefit that there are no up-front costs to the local authority.

This is a great example of E.ON and its customers working in partnership to make a real impact on the local community. Not only can we advise and install the correct technology for a customer, we can also provide innovative financial solutions to help make the design a reality.

The Leisure Centre at Rhyl is used by a number of community groups and organisations on a regular basis, including a High School on the site.

By working with E.ON, Denbighshire County Council is helping to keep the costs of local amenities down. Lower costs means admissions prices can be kept down, an important factor for local residents who rely on the leisure centre for social and health-related activities.

The agreement will also help in the Council’s commitment to explore ways of improving the sustainability of their county, and providing a safe and healthy environment for the present and the future. Joining forces with E.ON will help Rhyl significantly reduce its carbon usage and even more importantly, when purse strings are tight, with no capital expenditure.
The technology

Biomass boilers burn organic material, balancing CO2 emissions with the same amount absorbed by replenishment stocks.

Biomass boilers can be very effective when used as a ‘driver’ of larger heat networks.

Biomass boilers are fuelled by entirely renewable materials and the carbon emissions produced are no greater than those absorbed by the material as it is growing.

Technology benefits

  • Low carbon energy source with low net CO2 emissions
  • Fuel flexibility - different bio fuels can be used
  • More secure fuel supply
  • More stable prices
  • High efficiency operation for heating and hot water
  • Waste materials can be recycled as fertilizer.