Tai Ceredigion

Low carbon heating system saving Ceredigion tenants a total of nearly £4,000 in annual fuel bills


E.ON has installed numerous renewable technologies to serve off-grid homes in Ceredigion, mid Wales.

The majority of properties were inefficient to heat and residents are relying on either coal fires or old storage heaters to stay warm.

This new technology brought tenants more affordable and sustainable energy, bringing carbon emissions down by over half and, importantly for residents, saving on annual energy bills.

This integrated approach, combining technology, ensures a renewable heat source and sets a high standard in home energy efficiency. 


  • Combined, tenants can save nearly £4,0001 a year on their energy bills
  • Carbon emissions reduced by 67 tonnes1
  • More efficient and controllable heating systems
  • Proven, environmentally friendly, cost effective and reliable alternative to a conventional heating system
  • Free technology installations for tenants
  • Low maintenance
  • Tenants can generate their own electricity

The project

Using a phased approach E.ON installed:

  • Phase 1 – Air Source Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal to 15 homes 
  • Phase 2 – Ground Source Heat Pumps, Solar PV and Internal Heating to 41 homes
  • Phase 3 – Ground Source Heat Pumps and Internal Heating to 16 homes
  • Phase 4 – Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar PV and Internal Heating to 34 homes

The project, which was carried out in partnership with the Tai Ceredigion housing association, will save the residents a total of nearly £4,0001 a year and create a carbon saving of more than 67 tonnes1 – the equivalent of taking 35 cars off the road for a year2.

The installation works were completed in March 2012, resulting in more than 100 homes now benefitting from these renewable technologies.

The project was part of a wider scheme to provide low carbon heating to tenants in the region.

“I’ve been extremely fortunate to have both GHSP and solar PV installed in my home. I previously paid around £76 per month for the coal fire in my home but now I’m paying less than £40 for all of my heating and electricity needs. It’s such a relief knowing I can keep my house cosy and warm, without having to worry about the bills mounting up each month.”

Anne Williams,
Resident of Tai Ceredigion


Ground source heat pumps

Extracts heat naturally stored in the ground to provide affordable heating and hot water for homes.

Air source heat pumps

Extracts the heat in the outside air and, during circulation, raises the temperature to provide heating and hot water.

Solar photovoltaic

The roof mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) panels convert light energy from the sun into electricity that can be used to power lights and appliances in the home.

Solar thermal

The roof mounted panels absorb the sun’s energy to heat water which is used in the home.

1 Figures based on an annual saving for 41 properties of £3,917 (see table below).

  Baseline HeatPlant/ASHP Savings
Annual CO2 Emissions (tonnes)  118.38 50.94 67.44
Annual Running Cost (£) £13,447 £9,530 £3,917

2 Percentage saving based on calculation from www.carbonfootprint.com that a Ford Ka with an average annual mileage of 8,700 miles emits 1.92 tonnes of carbon per year.