Kirklees neighbourhood housing

E.ON deliver one of the UK’s largest neighbourhood renewable energy schemes


E.ON helped to deliver one of the UK's largest neighbourhood ground source heat pump (GSHP) schemes at the Ferndale estate in Almondbury, Huddersfield.

On behalf of Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing, E.ON supplied and installed 187 ground source heat pumps.

E.ON has installed over 2,000 GSHPs across the UK, in social housing, local authority properties, and private developments.

The benefits

  • Residents can save up to 66% on their energy bills1
  • More efficient and controllable heating systems
  • Reduce carbon emissions by two thirds2
  • Offer a proven environmentally friendly, cost effective and reliable alternative to a conventional heating system.

How it works

Ground source heat pumps (GSHP) extract heat from the ground to provide affordable heating and hot water for homes.

Bore holes are drilled down 80 meters to capture this heat, where the temperature stays constant all year round. The concentrated heat is distributed through the home via traditional radiators and hot water cylinders.

The HeatPlant units are expected to run for approximately 20 years, the grounds loops are expected to last for around 50 years.

The benefits of the technology

  • Can deliver 100% of domestic heating and hot water requirements3
  • Can provide between 3 and 5 times more energy than the amount they consume3
  • Lowers CO2 emissions
  • Lowest running costs for "off-gas" network areas3
  • Assist in achieving Code for Sustainable Homes targets

The installation

""Ground work started at the end of 2009, the drilling work began shortly after, followed by the mounting plinths which were suitably located.

A total of 187 HeatPlants (5kW output) were fitted in new enclosures outside of the properties, which ensured that the works did not extend into customer dwellings.

The installations, worth £1.28 million, were successfully completed in 2010.

Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing's green ambitions, together with E.ON's expertise, brought affordable and sustainable heating to hundreds of Huddersfield residents.

1 Anticipated savings for Kirklees residents. Based on a typical one bedroom home with a total floor area of 80m2, 150W/K heat loss coefficient, radiators and a 110litre DHW cylinder and an annual heat load of 7637kWh. Savings based on an electricity fuel price of 11.39 (based on 2008 UK average Direct Debit Bills reviewed in June 2009).

2 Carbon savings based on an emissions factor of 0.422kg CO2 per kWh, an annual heating load of 7637kWh with the old heating system and 2546kWh with the new GSHP.

3 All savings claims have been sourced from Calorex and industry sources.