Nottingham City Council



E.ON has signed an agreement with Nottingham City Council to install solar panels to 600 council homes in Aspley Nottingham, which will help reduce energy bills for people in this deprived area of the city.

As part of the project, E.ON is investing in the future of the local community by equipping local people with skills, knowledge and experience to help them secure future employment.

Work started in June 2011 and will be completed by September 2011.

The benefits

Generating energy using solar panels is a great way to reduce energy bills and the impact on the environment.

  • The benefits of this project include:
  • Free solar panels and installation for 600 residents in Aspley, Nottingham
  • The panels generate electricity, saving residents approximately a third1 on their energy bills ever year
  • reduce residents carbon emissions helping to lower the impact on the environment
  • Remote meter reading that keeps track of how much energy is being generated and remotely monitors the systems performance
  • Low maintenance

The project

E.ON and Nottingham City Council have worked together to identify houses in Aspley with south facing roofs which would be suitable for the solar panels funded and fitted by E.ON.

Each suitable home will have up to 10 solar panels installed which can create an estimated total of 4,000kWh of electricity per year.

The Council is renting the roof space to E.ON, who will install the panels, process the electricity they generate and sell any surplus electricity generated above the householders need back to the National Grid.

Employment and training

The employment and the majority of the training opportunities from E.ON are open free of charge to Nottingham residents. These opportunities include:

  • Three temporary job vacancies - Quantity Surveyor and Planner, Store Person and Administration Assistant
  • Up to 20 training placements for local trainee electricians - the training focuses on working at heights and manual handling. Both of these topics are essential skills for anyone looking to work with solar PV and are also valuable qualifications for trainees entering the jobs market
  • A number of placements for local trainee electricians to gain experience in installing solar PV - the work experience will ensure that the trainees have proven skills which are attractive to potential employers. 

The savings

An Aspley family is seeing the benefits of their new solar panels – the Hobster’s, had solar panels fitted to their home and are reaping the rewards of the sunny weather.

Based on the type of house that they live in, the Hobster family should save around a third1 off their electricity bill over the next 12 months. However early meter readings indicate that they may well save much more over the year.

Mr Hobster said: 

“We were hoping to save money on our electricity bills. I think this month our bill has been cut by half because we’ve had some great weather – I hope it continues!
It sounds too good to be true but I’d encourage other families in the area to snap up the chance to have solar panels fitted if their house is suitable. My wife and I were a bit worried about it at first but the installation was really quick and hassle-free.”

""How the panels work

The roof mounted Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels convert light energy from the sun into electricity that can be used to 
power lights and appliances in the home