Penwith Housing Association

E.ON pumps over £100,000 into 'HeatPlant' installation in Cornwall

Penwith Housing Association places order for ground source heat pump installation which will save residents up to £341 a year.

We were proud to pump over £100,000 worth of funding into Cornwall by installing our 'HeatPlant' ground source heat pump systems in a further 23 homes.
The 23 were installed in Penwith Housing Association homes (PHA), following on from our successful installation of 14 HeatPlants in Penwith five years ago, when Penwith Housing Association became the first in the UK to fit ground source heat pumps into existing social housing homes.

HeatPlant is our ground source heat pump that extracts heat from the ground to provide affordable heating and hot water for homes.

HeatPlant, which is worth £11,500 each, has a wide range of benefits when installed in homes that currently use coal for heating:

  • HeatPlant is cheaper - it could reduce heating costs by two thirds, or up to £341 a year
  • HeatPlant is lower carbon - reducing CO2 emissions by around three quarters or 3.6 tonnes a year
  • HeatPlant is more convenient - by providing controllable heating and hot water all year.
  • In addition, HeatPlant has a long life expectancy - the unit is expected to run for around 20 years, the ground loops expected to last for around 50 years and there are no ongoing maintenance costs. 

Richard Scott, head of marketing for Sustainable Energy Solutions at E.ON, said: 

“We knew that almost half of Cornish homes didn’t have access to mains gas, which is one of the reasons why we’ve been working with PHA to provide people with a lower carbon and more affordable solution to their heating needs.

“Our HeatPlant system is just one of a number of technologies E.ON is installing across the UK as part of our commitment to change the way people view and use energy in the home and at work. Through projects like this, we’re also helping the Government meet its ‘Great British Refurb’ plans for all UK homes to have near-zero carbon emissions by 2050.”

Denys Stephens, sustainability manager at Penwith Housing Association, said:

 “The Association’s past experience of using E.ON HeatPlant systems has shown that they are an excellent means of giving our customers in off-gas areas affordable and effective heating with very low CO2 emissions. The inclusion of CERT funding from E.ON in this project has been of great assistance in enabling this work to be included in our Decent Homes programme.”

The 23 coal-fuelled Penwith Housing Association properties were fitted with HeatPlants in the summer of 2009.