Roseland Community College

E.ON brings wind of change to Cornish Community College


We have helped the Roseland Community College in Truro take delivery of a new 12 metre high wind turbine.   

The turbine (which was designed and installed by us) and its display unit, will demonstrate to pupils how much energy is being generated and how much carbon is being saved by its operation. 

We also helped the college gain government funding to contribute towards the cost of installing the wind turbine through the Low Carbon Building Programme.

Tony Galloni, head of Sustainable Energy Solutions at E.ON, said: “We’re committed to changing the way people view energy in the UK.  It’s hugely encouraging that our commitment to developing low carbon energy solutions can also have the added benefits of educating young people about the advantages of renewable energy.”

Jackie Lucas, business manager at The Roseland Community College, said: “This wind turbine will not only help us reduce our reliance on the national grid but also provides our students with an opportunity to learn about alternative sources of energy generation.“With EU targets stating that 20% of energy consumption must be sourced from renewable technologies by 2020, there is a growing need to ensure that young people have an understanding of how climate change can be tackled, which is why the wind turbine is such an important asset to the college.”