Free solar panels are slashing electricity bills

Free solar panelsAn Aspley family is already seeing the benefits of a partnership between E.ON, the Council and Nottingham City Homes (NCH) to install solar panels on up to 600 suitable homes in the area. 

Allan and Dawn Hobster, with their son Ryan, are the latest family to benefit from the scheme. They have had solar panels fitted to their home on Allendale Avenue and are reaping the rewards of the recent sunny weather. 

Based on the type of house that they live in, the Hobster family should save around a third off their electricity bill* over the next 12 months. However early meter readings indicate that they may well save much more over the year. 

Allan said: “We were hoping to save around £120 a year on our electricity bills but we may save much more. I think this month our bill has been cut my half because we’ve had some great weather – I hope it continues! It sounds too good to be true but I’d encourage other families in the area to snap up the chance to have solar panels fitted if their house is suitable. My wife and I were a bit worried about it at first but the installation was really quick and hassle-free.” 

Work is currently underway to identify houses in Aspley with mostly south facing roofs which might be suitable for the solar panels funded and fitted by E.ON. NCH tenants who think their home might be suitable or who want to find out more about the scheme can call freephone 0800 015 0453. 

Councillor Alan Clark, Nottingham City Council’s Portfolio Holder for Energy and Sustainability, said: “I am delighted to see that this project is saving citizens money by reducing their energy bills and look forward to seeing more families benefiting as the project rolls out over the summer. This project is one of the biggest of its kind in the UK and is just one example of a number of innovative projects that we’re working on which aim to cut the city’s carbon footprint by using renewable sources of power.” 

Thomas Buss, Head of Microgeneration at E.ON’s Sustainable Energy business, said: “It’s great news that families are already beginning to see the benefit of this project and the residents of Aspley are becoming more energy fit.” 

Each suitable home will have up to 10 solar panels installed which can create an estimated total of 4,000kWh of electricity per year. The Council is renting the roof space to E.ON, who will install the panel, process the electricity they generate and sell any surplus electricity generated above the householders need back to the National Grid. 

*It has been calculated that the Hobster family should save more than a third on the electricity bill based on Ofgem’s average electricity consumption for a household of 3300 Kw/h over 12 months at a price of 11.89p/kW and average weather conditions in Nottingham.