E.ON and Spirita Ltd reduce energy costs

SpiritaE.ON and Spirita Ltd reduce energy costs and carbon emissions at homes across the East Midlands.

E.ON’s Sustainable Energy business and housing association Spirita Ltd have today started work to provide residents across Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire with affordable, low carbon heating systems. 

The project will involve replacing old heating systems at 15 homes in Willoughby on the Wold in Leicestershire and Shelford in Nottinghamshire, that are currently powered by coal, electricity or oil, with innovative ground source heat pumps (GSHP). 

Once the installation is complete, in approximately eight weeks time, residents will have the potential to save between 23% and 67% on energy costs and reduce carbon emissions by up to 71%*. 

Michael Woodhead, Managing Director of E.ON’s Sustainable Energy business said: “We’re delighted to be able to provide homes across the East Midlands with cleaner and cheaper energy. In addition to the heat pumps, E.ON will also replace the internal heating systems at all of the homes to further reduce residents’ living costs.” 

“At E.ON, we’re committed to helping our customers to get energy fit. We’ve installed almost 2,000 heat pumps across the UK, helping those customers to heat their homes in a cleaner, greener and more cost-effective way.” 

David Clarke, Director of Asset Management at Spirita Ltd said: “From the offset it was fundamental that we worked closely with every resident to ensure a smooth transition to the low carbon heating systems. Our team visited each resident to discuss the work involved as well as explain the exact workings of ground source heat pumps and the cost and carbon savings they can expect to see. 

“At Spirita we are constantly striving to improve the energy efficiency of our properties, making them more environmentally friendly and reducing fuel bills for our residents. Over the last year Spirita has installed over 350 ‘green’ condensing boilers and around 900 new heating control systems as part of our affordable warmth strategy." 

Ground source heat pumps work by extracting heat from the ground to provide heating and hot water. The heat is captured via a bore hole in the resident’s garden, which is drilled down 80 metres below the surface, and is then distributed throughout the home via traditional radiators, under floor heating and hot water cylinders. 

*Anticipated cost savings of 67% and carbon savings of 71% for Spirita Housing Association residents – based on a HeatPlant 50 ground source heat pump system displacing a mixture of electric and coal fuelled 2 bed semi-detached bungalows with a total floor area of 55.76m2, 144.8 WoC heat loss co-efficient, radiators and an annual heat load of 7393kWh. Cost savings based on an electricity fuel price of 11.39p per kWh (based on 2008 UK average Direct Debit Bills reviewed in June 2009). Carbon savings based on an emissions factor of 0.291kg CO2 per kWh for coal, and an annual heating load of 7393kWh. Cost and carbon savings are dependent on the type of heat pump installed, the type of fuel it replaces and the type of the property.