Summary of sites

All your sites in one place

You'll get a summary of your sites if you have more than one site and choose to have your sites billed together. It gives you an overview of all your sites and includes sections for:  

  • all new charges
  • any withdrawn charges
  • any sites that don't have new charges or withdrawn charges this time. 

LEU summary of your sites            1. Summary
If you have a lot of sites, listing them can take several pages. So, there's a breakdown of the totals for your new charges and any withdrawn charges at the start.

2. New charges
Within this section everything is grouped by site.

You'll also see any sites that you're finalising clearly marked within the section. 

3. Your references
If you've given us a reference that you;d like to use for a site (e.g. 'Unit' or 'South Warehouse 876') we'll show it here.

4. Invoice numbers
Under each site you'll see the invoice numbers (or reference for any withdrawn charges invoices) so you can see which invoice the charges relate to.