Your analysis

Extra details and analysis

If you have a site with a Half-Hourly meter, you’ll normally get an extra analysis page that includes a detailed breakdown of consumption.

Some customers told us that they didn’t need this information, so this page is optional. If you want to switch off your analysis, or if you would like to switch it back on again, please contact your Account Manager.

LEU your analysis    1. Consumption
The consumption table is in calendar format, with weekends shaded, so it's easier to see what happened over the month.
We also highlight your highest and lowest consumption.  

2. Monthly breakdown
We show your monthly breakdown as a graph, so it's simple to compare your consumption with other months.

On the back...
There's even more information on the back of your analysis, with a detailed breakdown of your Maximum Demand day, and a graph that shows how your demand changes throughout the day.