Your invoice

You’ll get an invoice for each site that has any new charges this bill. Each invoice will normally be a single sheet, but Half-Hourly meter sites with more complicated charges (e.g. Distributor Use of System charges) may also get a separate breakdown page.

LEU your invoice 


1. New charges
Your new charges are grouped by period. Each period will include your charge details, such as your meter readings or consumption charges.

2. CCL exemption
If you have any exemption percentage from CCL (Climate Change Levy), we'll include it on the invoice.

3. About this site
This section shows all the key details for your site - including your contract end date.

If you've given us a reference that you'd like to use for a site (e.g. 'Unit A' or 'South Warehouse 876'), we'll use it here.

4. Consumption tracker
This section shows your total consumption from the start of the financial year, and a graph shows your consumption over the year by month.