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Lighting, boilers and meters

From updating your lighting technology to installing carbon neutral boilers, we’ll help you make the first steps to reducing your energy use and making cost savings across your business

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More control over your energy

We use the latest technology to give you better control over your energy. That way, you can rely more on renewable energy and improve your efficiency


Save money on your energy bills through our advanced lighting technologies and control solutions that can immediately lower your energy consumption and reduce your carbon 

Future-forward technology

See our Lighting Solution

Biomass boilers

Biomass boilers burn organic material like wood pellets, chips or logs to power heating and hot water to give your business a flexible, reliable and low-carbon fuel supply

Become carbon-neutral

See our Biomass boiler Solution


Whether your business requires a Smart Meter or Half Hourly Meter, our tailored meter solutions will do the hard work for you, providing automatic readings and more accurate information about your energy use

Track your usage

See our Meters Solution

Future-proof your business

We have the expertise, combined with the latest technology, to upgrade and manage your energy usage, so you can become more energy efficient

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