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Biomass boilers

Stay carbon neutral by burning biomass

What are biomass boilers?

Biomass boilers burn organic material like wood pellets, chips or logs to power heating and hot water. Because the plant absorbs the same amount of carbon when it grows as it releases when it burns, biomass boilers are a carbon neutral source of energy

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Benefits of biomass boilers

A flexible and reliable fuel

Biofuels are a diverse and secure fuel supply, so prices stay the same

Efficient heating and hot water

Biomass boilers don’t waste energy when they’re generating heating and hot water

Renewable energy that keeps on giving

Waste materials from a biomass boiler can be recycled and used as fertiliser

Is a biomass boiler right for your business?

Consider replacing your gas boiler with a biomass boiler if you’re looking to make carbon savings. By generating renewable heat, you may also be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). If your business isn’t connected to mains gas, biomass boilers are a low-cost alternative

A biomass boiler would be suitable for most businesses with single or multiple sites, from schools and nursing homes to universities

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Case Study

Saving Denbighshire County 258 tonnes of carbon a year

Our pioneering agreement with Denbighshire County Council has seen cutting-edge renewable heat technology fitted at Rhyl Leisure Centre. We’ve replaced the existing gas boilers with a biomass system, with no upfront costs. Under the Carbon Reduction Commitment, the Council has saved over £3000 per year

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We’re committed to helping businesses and communities reach their carbon goals. Our on-site generation technologies help people get the renewable energy solutions that are right for them

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