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Business heat and power

Maximise your efficiency and revenue

What is Business Heat and Power?

Our Business Heat and Power Solutions help your business maximise its energy output. We design, build, manage, operate and maintain existing industrial Combined Heat and Power (CHP), CCGT, Energy from Waste (EfW) and biomass sites in the UK to help reduce your energy costs and improve your carbon footprint.

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Benefits of Business Heat and Power

Better access to the energy market

Gain insights into the energy market to create additional value.

Flexible optimisation

Our real time optimisation allows you to constantly update and improve your assets.

Out of your hands

We’ll manage and operate your plant so you don’t have to.

How Business heat and power solutions work

Safety management services

We provide safety advice, gap analysis and audit services.

CHPQA consultancy services

We conduct annual performance reviews and in-house verification processes to prepare you for CHP schemes and CHPQA external audits.

Environmental permitting and fuel sustainability

We’ll help you meet your site’s environmental obligations, reducing carbon emissions, pollution and waste.

Asset management

Our real time optimisation systems allow you to make regular adjustments to your plant. We are ISO 55001 (Asset Management), OHSAS 18001 (Safety and Health) and ISO 14001 (Environment) accredited, meaning we are fully approved to meet all on-site needs.

Operational mobilisation

We set up safe and efficient ways of working for your business.

Regulatory and stakeholder management

We engage with various stakeholders, including the Environmental Agency, OFGEM and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial strategy to influence key energy policies.

Energy management and market services

With our in-depth knowledge of traded markets, DSR and supply contracts, we offer a bundled solution and create value across market channels.

Asset commercial optimisaton

We’ll share with you our expert knowledge of market value channels and asset optimisation.

Create your bespoke Business Heat and Power Solution

Our Business Heat and Power Solutions include third party operation and maintenance, asset management and support services. Combining stakeholder engagement with bespoke offerings, together we can make intelligent market decisions to ensure your site’s performance is optimised every day.

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Case studies

“The E.ON team helped us exceptionally in the early days to understand the challenges we faced and what we had to do to run an energy business.”

General Manager Energy, Tata Chemicals Europe

We manage one of the largest CHP plants in the UK

The Tata Chemicals CHP plant in Northwich, Cheshire, is one of the largest in the UK. We manage the operation and maintenance of the entire asset as part of our BHPS fleet, covering two sites and a total generation capacity of 130MW of electricity. We also manage off-plot resources and provide support for customer projects.

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Over 20 years of asset management experience

We’ve been working with our managed BHPS fleet for over 20 years across more than 15 sites. We bring together technology independent O&M expertise with world-class in-house engineering capabilities to ensure your asset performs to the very highest standard.

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