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District Heating Billing

Take a long-term view on your energy requirements

High quality service and expertise

An Energy Service Company (ESCo) is a commercial structure created to produce, supply and manage the delivery of a district heating solution. As part of our district heating billing solution, we can fund part or all of the costs of the ESCo and assume full responsibility for maintenance, operation and risk.

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Benefits of our district heating billing solution

Financial help

We can fund part or all of the costs of developing a decentralised energy scheme.

Experts in scale

Our team has extensive experience in managing large volumes of customers.

Long-term solution

Our district heating billing include contracts for the operation of your energy solution for up to 25 years.

What we offer


An ESCo can be formed to support regeneration of an area, a large residential development, a single commercial initiative such as an office or manufacturing plant, a hospital, or a multi-unit development of commercial offices or retail outlets. We can work with you to establish the ESCo, creating the commercial structure to own and manage the project.


Under the ESCo agreement, we can help fund part or all of the scheme and assume responsibility for design and build right through to operation, maintenance, billing and delivery of customer care.

Cost efficiencies

You now have a community based, secure and environmentally friendlier energy solution with any excess power generated by the energy centre exported and sold to the market. This reduces the overall cost of energy supplied to you or the occupiers of your particular development.

Dedicated support from start to finish

Right from the start of the project you’ll have a dedicated key account manager as a single point of contact. Our customers also get access to our dedicated customer service team for on-demand support.

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Case Study

“In E.ON we have identified an energy partner who shares our vision and can deliver tangible benefits to our customers”

Jim Dodd, Development Director of Countryside Properties

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Delivering low carbon energy to a major London redevelopment project

We’re providing low carbon energy to 1,067 homes, a 300 bed hotel, commercial units and various leisure facilities, as part of a major redevelopment project in Colindale, London. Under an ESCo agreement, we’re designing, building, operating and maintaining a decentralised energy centre that will save up to 44% in CO2 emissions.

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