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Operations and Maintenance for district heating

District heating operation and maintenance

We operate over 40 district heating schemes across the UK

We offer operation and maintenance services for your energy centres and district heating networks. We’ll manage your energy centre and monitor your supply from our central control room to ensure regular delivery across your network.

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Benefits of our operation and maintenance

24/7 control room

Fully-serviced cost-effective operation and maintenance of your system.

Reliable expertise

Experienced and qualified engineers to keep your energy centre delivering energy to your customers.

Customer-facing support

High level support to your customers, from emergency callouts to scheduled servicing from our local engineers.

We offer two service packages

A standard package which covers the essential operations and maintenance of your energy centre.


An all-inclusive package which offers additional cover for breakdown and parts.

Hassle-free maintenance

Our in-house team will operate and maintain your energy centre and associated infrastructure. All maintenance and repairs are taken care of by our scheduled servicing.

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Case studies

“Not only will Skypark provide the cornerstone for future economic growth in the area, creating thousands of new jobs, but it can also become a leading example of a low carbon development”

Councillor William Mumford, Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration and Strategic Planning, Devon County

A community energy centre heating homes and providing jobs

The Cranbrook district heating network sets the bar for the smart developments of the future. We designed and built a network which supplies heat and hot water to 500 homes and buildings, reducing heating bills and providing new jobs. We now operate the whole energy system to make sure residents enjoy a constant supply.

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District heating billing

Receive funding for part or all of the costs of your district heating scheme.

High quality expertise

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Our solutions are fit for now and for the future

Call us to discuss your energy requirements and find out how you can become more energy efficient.

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