Half Hourly Metering Upgrades

A guide for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who require half hourly (HH) metering

Non half hourly (NHH) metering is designed to deal with electricity use up to 100kW in any half hour period. If you regularly go a little over this or occasionally use a lot more, then there's a safety risk for your meter. To make sure your meter doesn't overload, sites with a peak load above 100kW need to have half hourly meters fitted; these also record what you use every half hour and send this information to your energy supplier via a telephone line.

We write to businesses whose peak use in three of the previous 12 months averages over 100kW per half-hour, and upgrade to half hourly meters for safety, and to comply with industry regulation. These web pages explain a bit about what happens next for this customer group.

Half hourly metering changes announced in 2015.

Changes within the electricity industry mean that there's another group of customers we'll start to bill based on half hourly meter information. If you're in this group then your distribution company will have written to you to let you know your capacity value (in kVA). We'll be writing to you with more information, too.

We're still working hard behind the scenes to get ready for these changes, so if you're affected, the links from this page won't apply to you.

Some customers' plans will be ready for renewal while we're making updates to our metering and billing systems. If you've received one of these letters and your plan's due for renewal on or after 5 November 2015 then you can read about your renewal options here.