Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to upgrade to half hourly metering?

Non half hourly metering systems are only meant to deal with electricity usage up to 100kW in any half hour. If you use a lot more than this occasionally, or use a bit more than this regularly, there is a risk that your metering installation could be unsafe. If, in the three months of highest demand over the last 12 months, your average usage was 100kW or more, energy industry rules state that you must have half hourly metering equipment installed. This is the case whoever your supplier is.

We haven’t changed how we use electricity – why didn’t we need this before?

We measure your three highest demands over twelve months – it’s possible that your average use didn’t reach 100kWh until recently. In some cases, your average consumption might have exceeded the 100kW threshold before now but we have absorbed the additional daily cost placed on us by the industry administrator, Elexon. We have since been told by Elexon that we have to enforce the industry rules.

Will my supply be cut off during the upgrade?

This depends on your supply type but in most cases there won’t be a disruption to your supply. If your supply type means that we do have to temporarily disconnect to carry out the upgrade, you may be off supply for up to two hours. We’ll do our best to arrange an installation appointment which is convenient for you.

What is a meter operator (MOP)?

A meter operator is responsible for installing and maintaining metering and communication equipment, and provides the technical meter details to the data collector to enable us to receive your consumption data.

What is a Data Collector (DC)?

A Data Collector is a third-party organisation appointed by us to collect consumption data from metering systems. Rather than providing individual meter readings, which you currently see on your invoices, the DC will provide us with half hourly consumption data, which will show the volume you’ve used each half hour.

What is Authorised Supply Capacity (ASC)?

This is part of your connection agreement, a direct agreement between you and your local distribution network operator (DNO). It’s a charge for the maximum amount of electricity the DNO has to make available to you. If you exceed this you may have to pay excess charges and may require a service upgrade. This is to help the DNO manage their network, as if there is too much demand for the wires and cables to distribute it can lead to power cuts. You can check who your local network operator is here .

I’m reducing how much I use – do I still need to upgrade?

If you’re planning to significantly reduce the amount of electricity you use please contact us on 0345 301 5332* to discuss this. You may still need to upgrade, but we will be happy to discuss the options with you.

Can I downgrade my supply back to non-half-hourly if I use less energy in future?

E.ON doesn’t currently downgrade half hourly supplies back to non half hourly.

Why do I need a new account number?

Once you’ve had a meter upgrade, we’ll need to move your account to our Corporates business which manages all of our half hourly meters. To process this change, we have to close your non half hourly account and create a new half hourly account which means you’ll have a new account number.

Why do I need to complete another Direct Debit mandate?

Your previous Direct Debit applied to your non half hourly account. Once your half hourly account has transferred to our Corporates business, we will need to send a refreshed instruction to your bank with your new account number. The bank account you will pay your bills into is different for our Corporates business so we need to update your bank with our details too.

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