Your Energy Toolkit

If you've got a question about your Energy Toolkit, take a look at our answers to your frequently asked questions.


Why don't the costs or energy use highlighted in my toolkit match my bill?

The toolkit converts your billed energy costs and energy use to calendar months, so you can compare with the same period last year. Your billing period may vary slightly from month to month, and year to year.

Are the graphs in the toolkit based on an estimate of my energy use?

Your energy use (kWh) and charges are calculated using the difference between the two meter readings on your bills. If one of those meter reads is estimated, your energy use and charges will also be estimated.

How have you calculated my potential savings?

To calculate any potential savings for your business we'll look at the most common uses of energy based on what you do. For example, refrigeration will use a much higher percentage of energy at a butchers compared to an accountants, even if the buildings are a similar size.

We'll then use data from specialist engineers and manufacturers to work out the percentage saving that could be made through certain energy efficiency measures. Using your annual billed electric and gas consumption we can then use these percentages to suggest how much your business could save if you went on to take each energy efficiency step.

Please note that your annual consumption may include estimated meter reads, so potential savings are providing an estimate to help you decide if you want to consider energy efficiency actions. To make your bills more accurate, please give us regular meter readings.

What is my similar site comparison based on?

This compares the energy use (per m²/sq. ft) at your site with similar sized sites, in your geographic area. The sites we select will be as close to your primary activity as possible.

What is energy intensity?

Energy intensity is the amount of energy you use per unit of area (per m² / sq. ft). Your energy intensity should fall as you make energy efficiency improvements.

What are unassigned hours?

Unassigned hours are when your business is not open meaning your energy use should be significantly lower during these times.

What is weather impact?

We know that weather can impact on your energy use so we'll show you what proportion of your bills may have been affected by environmental conditions.

This could show you where you can potentially make savings in your business. When considering this, make sure you take into account other factors that could have had an impact such as installing new machinery.

How accessible is the toolkit?

The graph tooltips and hover boxes are not always accessible by keyboard navigation on the toolkit. You can download the graph's CSV data file as a keyboard accessible alternative for viewing this information.

You can do this by using your keyboard 'Tab' key to get to the gear icon. You can then use your arrow keys to highlight 'CSV export' and hit enter to download the file.

How do I opt in or opt out of the Energy Toolkit?

When you log into your online account, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to use our Energy Toolkit. By selecting ‘change your details’ from the left hand menu you’ll be given the option of opting in or opting out of the tool.

If you opt out, your data will stop being sent to our energy saving partners but you'll no longer be able to enjoy the benefits of all the energy saving advice personalised to your business.

These include our comparison graphs and analysis which let you review your current and past energy use and guide you to make positive changes to your business.

You’ll also lose access to a whole host of practical advice and exclusive products and services to help you save energy and lower your bills.

You can opt back in at any time. When you opt in your data will be sent back out to our third party partners and you’ll be able to see your energy saving tips within 36 hours.

How did you calculate the size of my site?

We use multiple public sources to identify the area of your site. These include, but are not limited to, public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v2.0.

Who are Rexel?

Rexel Energy Solutions is a specialist division of Rexel UK Ltd, a leading electrical distributor and energy solutions provider.

Rexel within the UK operates a nationwide network of 400  branches. It's brands include Wilts electrical wholesalers, WF Senate, Newey & Eyre, Denmans Electrical Wholesalers and Parker Merchanting.

Rexel offers a wide range of energy saving products from LED lighting, to micro generation and solar.

E.ON has partnered with Rexel to offer our business customers an exclusive range of trade price discounts on energy saving products.

How can Rexel's products save me money?

Rexel offer a wide range of energy efficiency products, from lighting through to solar and air conditioning solutions. Replacing your old, less efficient products will help you lower your energy usage, saving you money.