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Renewable business tariff

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Lines are open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Calls from mobiles and landlines to 03 numbers are charged at your local rate, unless included in your call package when they’re free.


What do we mean by renewable electricity?

It’s electricity that's produced from solar (sun), wind, biomass (organic matter such as plants), wave and tidal (sea), hydroelectric (flowing water in rivers) and geothermal (energy stored within the earth). 

We'll match 100% of your estimated annual electricity use with UK-sourced Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates.

Benefits of our REGO backed supply

Guaranteed UK renewable generation sources 

Our REGO backed supply is guaranteed to be sourced solely from UK renewable generation sources and comes with a certificate to evidence your purchase of renewable electricity.1 Check out our fuel mix to see how your electricity is generated.  

Set up a renewable energy contract today

We can offer your business a one year renewable electricity tariff. However, we can only sell it whilst we have enough REGO certificates to meet your demand.  

Call us on 0345 301 5346  to find out more. 

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Additional information

1 Buying this electricity does not create any environmental benefits as we already produce this renewable energy.