Terms and conditions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) including micro-businesses

Principal terms

You will have to confirm that you have the necessary authority to agree this legally binding contract on behalf of the organisation for which you have applied for an energy supply from E.ON. The contract starts from the day you enter into the contract and ends when you switch supplier or we end it. You can choose to terminate the contract at any time up to the notice date (30 days before the Fixed Price Plan end date) but it won't take effect until the fixed price plan ends and you switch supplier. The fixed price plan starts once the supply is live with us.

Your current supplier may prevent or delay the transfer if you have an outstanding balance with them. We will not be liable for any out of contract charges imposed by your current supplier if there is a delay in the transfer of your supply.

Credit Check
We will carry out a business credit check and a personal credit check against the directors/partners/owners. You will have to confirm that you agree to this or, if applicable have the agreement of these parties to carry out these checks. The outcome of the credit check may mean we cancel the contract and if this is the case we contact you.

Prices & Discounts
The prices are fixed during the fixed price plan, providing you comply with the terms of the contract. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT, Green Deal, CCL or CCL equivalent charge. The prices shown on the quote are based on the information you have provided and are for non-domestic sites with gas and/or non-half hourly electricity meters. . If we find your sites are different to this or the information you have provided is incorrect; we may cancel the contract and supply you on our deemed prices whilst you make alternative arrangements with us or another supplier.

We offer the following payment discounts through online signup;

Monthly fixed Direct Debit


Monthly variable Direct Debit


Quarterly variable Direct Debit



These discounts aren’t included in the annual estimated charges on the quote and will be applied as long as you pay on time by the agreed payment method. The discount amount will be deducted from your total bill and not the prices.


Plan Duration

The fixed price plan will end in accordance with the length of the plan you have chosen as follows;

1 year fixed plan – will end 12 months from your plan start date

2 year fixed plan – will end 24 months from your plan start date

3 year fixed plan – will end 36 months from your plan start date



Around 3 months before the notice date we will send you the renewal options.  You will have until your notice date to decide what to do. If you do nothing, we won't roll you onto another fixed price plan. Instead you will move to a variable price plan when your fixed price plan ends. With this plan you will have to give us 30 days' notice if you wish to cancel the contract and switch supplier. 

If you chose to terminate the contract and you don't transfer to another supplier or agree another plan with us; we will apply our 'out of contract' prices from the end of the plan. Once on these prices you can leave us at any time, if you have no outstanding balance.

We send you confirmation of the fixed price plan as part of the contract, including full terms and conditions within a few days.

SME ancillary charges

E.ON will charge fair and reasonable amounts for ancillary items.

We may charge for the following:

Ancillary charge item


Producing and issuing a paper copy bill requested by a customer

£1 per copy bill inc. VAT

Meter disconnection/de-energisation & meter move (if moved more than 12 inches)

Dependant on meter type and size

Failed credit to pre-payment appointments


Credit card charges

1.5% of the payment being taken.

Late payment charges

+8% of Bank of England rate


£0.01 - £999.99
£40 charge


£1,000.00 - £9,999.99
£70 charge


£10,000.00 +
£100 charge

Debt collection Fee


Pre disconnection Visit





The charges will be waived if an error has occurred which was out of the customer’s control.

Customers asking for a copy bill to be emailed or faxed to them, should be advised that these methods of communication are not considered as safe as posting the details, but we will do this at their risk.

If customers still want to continue, we must satisfy our DPA responsibilities.

The pre-PDV fee will be applied on a customer’s account 40 days after a bill has been produced and where the payment due has not been received. Where the account also has a pre disconnection visit charge applied the pre-PDV fee will be deducted from this.