Terms and conditions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) including micro-businesses

Principal Terms

You confirm you have the necessary authority to agree this legally binding contract, between E.ON and the business you represent for all sites you are transferring.

Your contract with us is continuous, which means it will only end when you switch supplier, if we choose to end it, or if you agree a new contract with us. If you agree a new contract with us, your existing contract will end when your new contract starts.

We can carry out business or personal credit checks against directors/partners/owners at any time before or after your supply is live with us or when changes are made to your contract. If you fail a credit check and we haven’t started supplying you we may cancel the contract or require a security deposit. If we already supply you we may change the way you pay us, including paying in advance through a prepayment meter or change the prices we offer you in the future. If this is the case we will contact you. You confirm that you agree to this, or have authority from the responsible parties to authorise these checks.

If you don’t pay us, we may disconnect you, and require a security deposit before we re-connect you. We may also require you to pay for your energy in advance using a prepayment meter.

Prices and Discounts

The energy prices are fixed during the fixed price plan, providing you comply with the terms of the contract.

All prices exclude VAT Climate Change Levy (CCL) and Green Deal. Our prices are fully inclusive of data collection and meter operation costs.

We offer the following payment discounts when you sign up:

Monthly fixed Direct Debit


Monthly variable Direct Debit


Quarterly variable Direct Debit


The discount amount will not be taken off your prices, it will be added to your bill before any taxes or additional charges are applied.

If you have signed up to manage your account online and you don’t view your bills we may cancel access to your online account, revert you to paper bills, and withdraw any associated discount.

Plan Duration

The plan will start once your supply is live with us and will end in accordance with the length of the plan you have chosen:

  • 1 year fixed plan – will end 12 months from your plan start date
  • 2 year fixed plan – will end 24 months from your plan start date
  • 3 year fixed plan – will end 36 months from your plan start date


On or about 60 days before your plan end date we will send you your renewal options. Your renewal offer letter will provide your options for the end of your current plan. If you do nothing, we won't roll you onto another fixed price plan. Instead we’ll move you to a variable price plan when your plan ends. With this plan you will have to give 30 days' notice if you wish to terminate your contract and switch supplier.

Terminating Your Plan

You can terminate your contract at any time by giving notice but for the termination to take effect you need to do this on or before your notice date (30 days before the plan ends). Except in certain situations, termination will not take effect until after your plan has ended. If you give notice to terminate after your notice date, the termination will apply 30 days after the date we receive your notice. If you choose to terminate your contract, we will acknowledge your termination notice in writing within 5 working days.

If you choose to terminate your contract but don't switch supplier, and don’t agree another plan with us, we will apply our out of contract prices from when your plan ends. Once on these prices you can leave at any time.

If you pay on receipt of a bill, we may object to you changing supplier if the balance on the account has been overdue for more than 14 days after the date of the bill. If you pay by fixed monthly Direct Debit we may object to you changing supplier if there has been an unpaid Direct Debit in the last 3 months and there is a debit balance on your account.

Our out of contract and variable prices are generally higher than on a Fixed Price Plan, and we may change them at any time. You can find our current out of contract and variable prices online at eonenergy.com/sme-non-fixed-prices or by giving us a call.

Advanced Meter Requirement

We may need to change your meter and install automated meter reading equipment, in order to comply with industry regulations. If we identify that your meter needs to be changed, we will write to you to advise next steps. If you do not allow us to change your meter we may cancel your plan and switch you to our out of contract prices.

You will receive a copy of our full terms and conditions with confirmation of your contract.

The following principal terms only apply to electricity customers with a meter profile class of 05-08:

Half Hourly Settlement

If you have an advanced meter we will need to switch you to half hourly billing. Once we’ve switched you to half hourly, we will bill you against your consumption and not your meter readings, and only your total consumption will be displayed on your meter.

Hardwired Meter Equipment

If your meter can control when devices such as heating or machinery are switched on, or you have a billing management unit, you'll need to let us know before your new plan starts. If you don't tell us before your plan start date, you may lose this feature once we’ve changed you to half hourly settlement. If your meter has this functionality or you’re not sure, please call us on 0345 301 5332.

Deemed Schemes

The Gas and Electricity Acts require us to have a Deemed Scheme in place, to provide the terms and conditions under which we supply customers who have not agreed a contract with us. In most cases this is when a customer has moved into a premises that we supply.

Electricity Deemed Scheme (PDF)

Gas Deemed Scheme (PDF)

SME ancillary charges

E.ON will charge fair and reasonable amounts for ancillary items. We may charge for the following:

Ancillary charge item


Producing and issuing a paper copy bill requested by a customer

£1 per copy bill inc. VAT

Meter disconnection/de-energisation and meter move (if moved more than 12 inches)

Dependant on meter type and size

Failed credit to pre-payment appointments


Late payment fee


Debt resolution visit


Warrant application fee


Warrant visit fee