Improve your lighting efficiency.

How to save energy and costs with your lighting:

  • Look at using LED lighting – there are some interesting developments in LED lighting, both in poultry production and production of plants. LEDs allow some clever manipulation of the light spectrum so the requirements of the animal or plant can be optimised, so it minimises the energy required to do the job – and of course the cost.
  • General building lighting – high pressure sodium and metal halide discharge lights are suitable for high roof sheds, like sow yards or cubicle buildings. Use metal halide discharge lights to give the best colour rendering and a natural white light. You might also consider newer high output LED lighting.
  • Local lighting – use local strip lighting in areas where high visibility is needed for work over equipment like grading machines. Choose units with electronic starters and thinner, high efficiency tubes. Where accurate colour rendering is important, use natural daylight tubes.
  • Natural light – clear panel roof sections will provide natural light in daylight hours, but make sure the panels are kept clean or else they will become ineffective. Link dimmable fluorescent lighting to a light sensor to reduce the output of artificial light as natural daylight increases.
  • Yard lighting – replace tungsten halogen lamps with high pressure sodium, metal halide or LED lamps. Control the lights with timers or, in the case of LED lighting, movement sensors.