Supplying the nation with products and services, manufacturing and workshops need energy for many different things, from heating and lighting to more specialist requirements, like process machinery and compressed air.

Sometimes, in the drive to increase production and refine processes, energy efficiency gets missed out. But, with a little attention, energy saving ideas have a direct influence on performance and the bottom line. And, as with many other business areas, the key to efficiency is selecting the right equipment and controlling it appropriately.

Doughnut graph showing typical energy breakdown for manufacturing

* This is representative for a notional engineering workshop of 1000 m2 floor area with 30kW compressor (17% load factor) , 50kW in installed machinery (15% load factor) , 3.8kW lighting (10% load factor), 100kW heating boiler (15% load factor), and an office/canteen (5% contribution).

Case studies

Here's a business that has already benefited from seriously reviewing their energy use.

People working at Scudamores - E.ON

Scudamore's Punting Company

Scudamore's offers guided tours and boat hire services. Find out how they saved money with an energy monitor.

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