• Get a seven day electronic time switch – the ability to set different settings for each day is invaluable. Time it so the temperature’s just right as people begin to arrive, and starts to cool towards the end of business.
  • Control temperature with electronic thermostats – these are much quicker to act than thermostatic radiator valves.
  • Have a high efficiency condensing boiler – these are can be 90% efficient; running costs on older boilers can be over a third higher1.
  • Heat water at the point of use – in areas with light usage, like staff rooms and toilets, it’s much more efficient and will let you turn the main boiler off in summer.
  • Keep heat in – proper insulation is just as important in offices as it is in the home, as is draught exclusion
  • Avoid electric heaters – Variable weather and customer numbers can make these tempting as a quick fix, but they’re expensive to run over extended periods.

1The Boiler Efficiency Database lists gas boilers that operate at 90% efficiency. Older boilers can be over a third higher – Figure taken from Which