• Choose LED spotlights – where spotlights are used, choosing modern LEDs over Tungsten Halogen will use less than a quarter of the energy1.
  • Pick the right lamps – compact fluorescent lamps are a good alternative to table lamps; a warm white bulb that fits unobtrusively may improve the look of the light and use less energy.
  • Choose the right strip lights – modern strip lighting has thinner, more efficient fluorescent tubing, and some models can be dimmed.
  • Use proximity sensors where possible – toilets, cellars and stockrooms can all be lit only when required.
  • Car park lighting – as with spotlights, LED lighting is more efficient than tungsten halogen lamps. High pressure sodium and metal halide lamps are another option. Using timers or movement sensors can cut running costs.

1Choosing modern LED’s over Tungsten Halogen lights will use less than a quarter of the energy. Using a 7W LED instead of a 35W tungsten bulb will save 80% (7W / 35W x 100 = 20%) (For more information on lighting, see, Carbon Trust: Display Lighting).