• Strip lights upgrade – older strip lighting types fitted with ‘starters’ can have inefficient components. Modern strip lighting units have high efficiency thin tubes and some models can be dimmed1.
  • Look for LED lights – tungsten halogen lamps are attractive but inefficient. Newer LED alternatives use less than a quarter of the energy for the same amount of light2.
  • Timers and proximity sensors – timers and proximity sensors switch off lights when they are not required. Use timers for window displays, outside and car parks, and proximity sensors for stock rooms.
  • Display lights – move away from tungsten based lamps and look for novel display light types which use either gas discharge (metal halide, white sodium) or LED. Check out light intensity and colour rendering before deciding on a system.

Details taken from the Carbon Trust: Lighting.

Choosing modern LED’s over Tungsten Halogen lights will use less than a quarter of the energy. Using a 7W LED instead of a 35W tungsten bulb will save 80% (7W / 35W x 100 = 20%) (For more information on lighting, see, Carbon Trust: Display Lighting).