Saving energy in 5 easy steps

Energy can be one of the biggest overheads for businesses, but you might be surprised to see just how much energy your business wastes day in, day out without you realising.

There are some simple principles of energy saving – and they can make a difference to your business costs. 

While there are technological solutions that can help you save, the most effective way of saving energy is by changing the way you behave. That means looking honestly at how efficient your use of lights, heating, office equipment and machinery is and then adapting it so you use less. Simple.

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Think ahead

It's vital to think in the longer term to save energy. Here's what to consider.

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Hold on to your energy

Once you've spent money on heating and lighting, here's how to hold on to it.

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Control your energy usage

Take charge of monitoring your energy output.

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Track your usage

Keeping a closer eye on your energy usage will pay dividends.

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Involve your people

Getting your team behind you is key when it comes to saving energy.

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