Involve your people

The bottom line is that to save energy - and ultimately money-  you and your colleagues need to care about reducing waste. Educating your team about the consequences of poor energy habits is a big part of improving things.

With the best equipment and the best control in the world, unless you care about energy use and are prepared to do something about it, you’ll fail to make the savings you hope for.

Man in bakery arranging rolls Traffic lights - red = don't turn me off. Amber = only authorised people can switch me off. Green = anyone has permission to switch me off

Traffic light switch off campaign

People need to be encouraged to switch things off, and are sometimes not sure if they’re “allowed” to do it. Try using green, yellow and red stickers to encourage people to switch things off.

Green – anyone has permission to switch me off
Yellow – only authorised people can switch me off
Red – don’t turn me off.

Three people sitting at a table


People care about energy efficiency more once they’ve been trained, because they understand how much things cost to run and how they can contribute. Try some informal training groups and meetings. Little and often tends to work best.

Hands typing on a laptop


People need to know how well they have done, so post your company’s energy performance where everyone can see it. It could be an email newsletter, poster or a post on the company’s internal blog. Encourage ideas for new energy saving initiatives.