Keep hold of your energy

Once you’ve spent money on heating, lighting or cool air, you need to use it effectively and stop it escaping the building. Many businesses are still a little too likely to let energy leak away through all sorts of gaps and holes.

Simply learning how to conserve energy will mean you use much less energy.

Lights on factory ceiling Man walking up stairs carrying insulation


Insulation is simple, low tech and lasts for years without maintenance. Use loft and cavity wall insulation and double glazing for windows. And don’t forget your hot water tanks and pipes.

Man laying loft insulation

Draught proofing

Draught proofing is the most cost effective way of stopping heat transfer through a building1. Key areas are around windows and doors, through suspended ceilings and around structural joints. Thermal imaging can help you identify where any heat leakage is.

Person walking through door

Automatic doors

Automatic doors can be used in shops, offices and stores to minimise air leakage when there’s a heavy footfall in and out of the building. A corridor at the entrance of a building also helps to provide an airlock, preventing air from rushing in and out2.

Woman working under desk light

Focussed lighting

Many light sources spread light to areas where it serves no purpose. Some newer light sources like LEDs are highly directional, allowing you to light only the area that’s needed.

Valve and pressure monitor on pipe

Compressed air leaks

A gentle hiss coming from a compressed air system indicates a massive waste. A hole of just 3mm2 could cost as much as £700 per year in increased compressor use. Simple leak detection and maintenance will stop this3.