Keep track

Accurate measurement of the energy you use is vital in the battle to stay efficient. Count the units you used to help give you a better idea of how much you use overall.

Keeping a closer eye on things and knowing how much you use has been shown to lead to savings as people make small changes to use no more than they need1.

Knowing exactly what temperature your heating is on at, and for how long and so on are the benchmarks which allow you to compare how you did this week to how you did last week.

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Smart metering

Smart metering logs energy use hour by hour, and is read remotely. Find out more about smart meters, or fill in our form to register your interest.

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Sub metering

Your mains electricity or gas meter captures information on your energy use as a whole, but gives nothing away on how much energy is used by the individual components of your site. Sub-meters can provide precise information on major applications like large freezers or heating systems.

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If you divide your energy use by a measure of what “drives” your business, you’ll get what we call specific energy consumption (SEC). So if you make a product, divide your energy use over a certain timeframe by the number of products you made within that timeframe to obtain a SEC. If this figure changes over time, it indicates how your efficiency is changing too. Knowing your SEC is useful when it comes to comparing the year’s energy usage with next year’s goal.