Get your free smart meter

You'll be able to see how much energy you're using, so you can understand and manage the energy you use. And if you get a smart meter, you won't need to submit your meter readings, as we can read your meter automatically.

We’ll set everything up

  • A smart meter replaces your old meter
  • It takes about an hour per fuel to install
  • Our friendly technicians will show you how it works
  • We’ll need to turn your energy off for around 30 minutes per fuel while we fit the meters

It won’t take a moment

  • We’ll need to ask you some questions to see if we’re able to fit one
  • Choose an installation time that suits you
  • Tell us anything you’d like our technician to know when they come to install your new smart meter
  • Confirm you’re happy with everything and make your booking

If you get both your electricity and gas from us, you’ll get two smart meters. One will replace your current electricity meter and the other will replace your current gas meter. If you just get your electricity from us, you’ll only get the one smart meter.

Smart meters work using GPRS technology – the same used by a mobile phone. We’ll need to ensure that there’s a good signal in your area for your meter to work properly.

If you change supplier, you may lose some of the benefits of having an E.ON smart meter. Your smart meter will still show you how much energy you’re using, but it’ll show your E.ON prices and not the fuel prices from your new supplier. For more information, please see our help and support page on smart meters.