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Renew your contract

Around 60 days before your fixed price contract is due to end you’ll receive a letter containing your new fixed price plan offer and a renewal code. You can use this code to renew your contract online with us, even if you don’t manage your account online.

If you’ve received your new fixed price plan offer you can start your contract renewal now.

What other options do I have?

If you don’t want to move on to another fixed term contract with us you have 2 options:

1. Do nothing

If we don’t hear from you on or before the notice date (provided in your renewal letter), you’ll move on to our variable price plan when your current plan ends.

What happens on a variable price plan?

Our variable price plan prices are generally higher than on a fixed plan and, unlike our fixed price plans, we may change them at any time. You can find our latest variable prices online. You can leave our variable plans following a 30 day notice period, or alternatively you can go back on to a fixed price plan at any time.

2. Terminate your contract

If you want to end your contract and switch supplier you just need to let us know.

How do I terminate my contract?

To terminate your contract you can:

  • Write to us at Contract Terminations, PO Box 9042, Sherwood Park, Annesley, Nottingham, NG15 5AZ.
  • Email us at smecontractterminations@eonenergy.com
  • Call us on 0345 301 5343 (8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday).

When you terminate your contract we’ll move you to our out of contract prices, which are higher than our variable plan prices, from the end of your current plan until your switch is complete.

If you have already given us notice that you would like to terminate your contract you will move onto our out of contract prices from the end of your current plan. These prices will apply until your switch to a new supplier is complete.

Our out of contract prices are also higher than our fixed price plans and we may change them at any time.

More ways to renew

You can also renew by:

  • Completing the reply slip on your renewal letter.
  • Calling 0345 301 5805 (8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday) to use our automated system or you can speak to a renewal advisor about what other plans are available.