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  • Renewing made easy

    Do you want to renew your fixed price plan?

    You told us that you don't like auto-renewal when your plan comes to an end, so we've stopped this. When you're on a fixed plan, fixed really does mean fixed - unlike some suppliers, we won't pass through Renewables Obligation or Feed in Tariff changes part way through your contract, so there won't be any surprises1.

    We'll send out a reminder letter when it's time to renew, and if we haven't heard from you when your current fixed price plan ends, we'll move you on to our variable price plan, which means you only have to give us 30 days' notice to leave. You can get in touch to agree a new fixed price plan at any time.

  • Woman on a phone in front of post boxes - E.ON

Three steps to renewal

  1. Step one

    We'll write to you before your fixed price plan ends with our renewal offer. 

  2. Step two

    You'll have until your notice date (30 days before your plan ends) to review your renewal options, and decide whether you want to accept or discuss with us.

  3. Step three

    Let us know what you decide. You've got three options, and you can let us know your choice by giving us a call. If you want to accept our offer you can call us, or complete and return the slip on your renewal letter.

  • Watch our video

    Catherine explains how we've made it easier for you to renew.

Your three renewal options

1 Excluding changes to VAT, Green Deal or CCL which will be applied at the applicable rate.