Need to change your booking?

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It's okay to change your mind.

If you need to change anything about your booking, just give us a call on 0345 366 5996 and we'll help you pick another date and time that's more convenient for you. We're open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, or Saturday 8am to 6pm.

If you'd like to cancel your booking, that's fine too.

Don't forget...

If you postpone or cancel your meter exchange, you'll remain on your existing prices and terms and conditions until we exchange your meters, which means you might be missing out on our best deal.

Take a look at the benefits of Smart Pay As You Go.

Create an online account to get ready for Smart Pay As You Go

It's free, gives you complete control of your energy account 24 hours a day, and you'll be able to unlock the full benefits of Smart Pay As You Go when you're able to switch.

Using an online account with Smart Pay As You Go will let you

  • Stay in control – you’ll be able to do so much more than just top up and view your balance
  • Manage your money by transferring credit between meters as and when you need to
  • Access E.ON Optimum and track your energy use.
  • Set up balance alerts and reminders
  • View your bills / statements and top up online


It only takes a moment to get an online account

Let us know a few details and we'll send you an email so you can activate your account. Then you're ready to go.