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On site generation and storage

From solar panels to CHPs, we offer new ways of generating and storing energy for your business

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Increased flexibility to meet your business needs

We use the latest technology to give you better control over your energy. That way, you can rely more on renewable energy and improve your efficiency.

Combined heat and power

CHP captures and uses heat to boost your energy efficiency. For businesses of all sizes, this solution can offer a significant opportunity to reduce energy costs, lower carbon emissions and deliver operational benefits.

Capture waste energy

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Solar panels capture solar energy for immediate power, generating your own renewable energy and lowering your energy bills as well as your carbon footprint.

Long term sustainability 

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solar panels

Battery storage

By adding battery storage to your solar photovoltaic system, you can store any excess energy you produce on-site for a back-up energy supply.

Avoid peak charges

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battery storage

Biomass plant

A renewable and sustainable source of energy that creates electricity with lower carbon emissions. Through a biomass plant you can use renewable fuel to generate energy for your business whist also making a significant contribution to your CSR targets.

Lower carbon emissions

See biomass plant solution

young man using biomass plant to generate renewable energy

Heat pumps

Use natural heat from the ground or air to provide heating and hot water. By taking heat from natural sources, this solution is a highly efficient way to generate key business savings.

Become self-sufficient

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young women using heat source pump

Combined cycle gas turbine

Produce up to 50% more energy by using a gas and steam turbine that emits less carbon emissions. This highly efficient technology means you can lower your fuel costs and increase your productivity.

Maximise efficiency

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gas turbine

Over 50 years of energy efficiency

We combine the latest technology with our years of experience to maximise the efficiency of your existing assets.

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