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Battery storage

The way we use energy is changing

What is battery storage?

Batteries give your business flexibility, protecting you from rising energy costs and market volatility by helping you become more self-sufficient.

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Benefits of battery storage

Reduce peak energy charges

Reduce your dependency on the grid and protect against rising energy costs.

Increase business resilience

Avoid production losses with a back-up power supply.

Boost self sufficiency

Increase independence by supporting your current on-site generation assets.

How battery storage works

Connecting your storage

We’ll connect your storage system to your existing energy infrastructure. It’ll sit between your grid connection and your site’s operations.

Using your storage

The battery capacity can be used to store energy on-site as a back-up power supply, or to deliver power to the local grid. You could also use your stored energy to generate value in central market applications, like trading in the wholesale energy market, or use it for your on-site applications to balance your energy generation and save money.

Integrated thinking that works for your business

Our battery storage can work as a standalone solution or alongside your existing energy assets.  We’ll provide an initial assessment to identify the value of storage for your business. You can then choose from our full design, delivery, operation and maintenance options, while we tailor a storage solution to fit your needs.

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How we illuminated the night with daylight

We used the latest solar battery technology to power an entire music video for Gorillaz. Our solar collaboration used a brand new solar battery to capture enough energy from the day’s sun to power the video at night. 

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Related battery storage solutions

Solar PV

Our Solar solutions helps your business become self-sufficient, hit CSR targets and save energy costs by enabling you to generate energy on-site.

Long term sustainability 

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Our biomass plants supply renewable energy that can help your business lower its carbon emissions, and use heat more effectively.

Lower carbon emissions

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We’ve been backing battery storage from the word go

We installed one of the first commercial batteries for the UK grid and since then have been deploying commercial energy storage projects across the globe.

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