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Biomass plant

Our biomass plants supply energy to thousands of homes

What is Biomass?

Biomass is any organic, renewable material that can be used as fuel to generate electricity. Producing renewable energy from biomass has the potential to make a significant contribution to fulfilling the UK's heat and energy generation needs in the future.

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Benefits of biomass

Improve your carbon footprint

Using a renewable energy source will lower your business’ carbon emissions.

Use heat more effectively

Heat and electricity generated in the process can be supplied to local businesses.

Gain flexibility and stability

Different bio fuels can be used, offering fuel flexibility and security to stabilise prices.

How biomass plants work

Biomass plants are fueled by organic materials such as sustainable forestry, co-products such as sawmill residues and recycled waste wood. The diversity of bio fuel guarantees a more secure fuel supply which can often be locally sourced.

We’re experts in biomass, from build to management

We’ll take care of everything from the design and build to the operation and management of your plant. We even offer energy trading services to ensure you get the most from every aspect of your site.

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How we’re supporting local businesses with our biomass plant

We operate Steven’s Croft in Scotland, one of the UK’s largest dedicated biomass plants. It uses locally sourced wood to provide electricity to AW Jenkinsons, heat to neighbouring mills and electricity to the grid.

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Our biomass plant powers 40,000 homes

Our biomass fuelled CHP plant at Blackburn Meadows uses recycled waste wood from the surrounding area to generate heat and power for local businesses.

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Eight things you need to know about biomass energy

Biomass may well be the key to meeting the UK’s renewable energy quota by 2020. We’re taking biomass seriously – and you should too.

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20 years of energy management experience

We’ve been operating and managing a broad portfolio of sites in the UK for over 20 years, giving us the knowledge and experience to help your business.

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