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Combined cycle gas turbine

Produce up to 50% more energy

What is combined cycle gas turbine?

A combined cycle gas turbine power plant uses a gas-fired turbine to generate electricity, while the waste heat drives a steam turbine to produce extra power. These two methods of energy generation mean CCGT is a highly efficient technology to lower your fuel costs and increase your productivity.

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Benefits of CCGT

 Increase your efficiency

Use waste heat to increase energy output.

Reduce carbon emissions

Use a more environmentally friendly supply of energy.

Lower fuel costs

Use less fuel per kWh than conventional thermal power plants.

How combined cycle gas turbine produces energy

-  A gas turbine burns fuel (most often natural gas) to create electricity.

- The ‘wasted’ heat from this process is captured and transferred to a steam turbine.

- The steam turbine is powered by the heat, generating extra electricity to substantially increase its overall efficiency.

Integrated solutions tailored to you

We offer operation and maintenance services to minimise the requirements for your business. Our Business Heat and Power Solutions guarantee high operating speeds and minimal maintenance of your power station, while our E.ON Connecting Energies division can finance your project.

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We supply energy to one of Europe's largest chemical industry sites

We replaced a coal-fired unit with innovative CCGT technology at the Marl chemical park in Germany. The new CCGT plant has a fuel utilisation rate of 89% with annual carbon savings of 280,000 tons, supplying steam even more efficiently to its production plants.

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We’re experts in power plants

All our systems can be integrated with other technologies to create the most efficient, carbon-neutral solutions for your infrastructure. Your business will get the right balance of carbon savings, energy efficiency and cash benefits.

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