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District heating

Providing heat and cooling to sustainable cities

What is district heating?

District heating distributes heat and hot water via an insulated pipe network to local buildings. At the heart of this network is an energy centre, where water is heated by a range of technologies including Combined Heat and Power (CHP).

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Benefits of district heating

Secure your energy supply

Relying on more than one source of energy reduces your dependency on the grid.

Lower heating bills

Use waste heat for hot water or space heating leading to cost effective prices for your end user.

Improve efficiency

Lower your carbon emissions with a renewable heat source.

How district heating works

- A primary low carbon plant such as a combined heat and power (CHP) unit supplies an energy centre. On-site power generation is supported by a secondary back-up plant to maintain a constant supply.

- Heat from the energy centre is supplied to homes and buildings through a network of insulated pipes.

- The heat can be distributed to housing developments, whole towns or even an entire sustainable city.

Integrated solutions to increase sustainability

We design, build, operate and maintain heat and cooling distribution networks and energy centres. We co-operate with several different contractors and adapt our involvement to your specific needs. We can also integrate other renewable technologies into your network such as solar and heat pumps.

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A community energy centre heating homes and providing jobs

The Cranbrook district heating network sets the bar for the smart developments of the future. We designed and built a network which supplies heat and hot water to 500 homes and buildings, reducing heating bills and providing new jobs. We now operate the whole energy system and aim to reduce our carbon emissions.

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Business Heat and Power Solutions

Operations and maintenance of energy plants connected to our BHPS fleet.

Continuous optimisation

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Combined heat and power

CHP can provide your entire electricity and heating needs.

Capture waste energy

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Our solutions are fit for now and for the future

Our team is experienced in managing and delivering some of the most complex and risky projects in the UK. Our knowledge and expertise can take your business from design and installation, all the way through to management and maintenance.

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