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Choose Clean energy

Upgrade our fixed tariffs with our Clean energy options*.

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Fix Online

Take advantage of our exclusive online-only tariff and protect your energy price for 12 months.

Our Fix Online tariff

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Fix 1 Year*

Protect your energy prices for one year, plus no exit fees if you decide to leave us.

Our Fix 1 Year tariff

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Fix 2 Year*

Get a total peace of mind with fixed energy price for two years, plus no exit fees if you decide to leave us.

Our Fix 2 Year tariff

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Fix and Drive*

Get a reward of 850 electric vehicle (EV) miles for two years, with our tariff exclusively for EV and hybrid vehicle owners.

Our Fix and Drive tariff

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Fix and Drive tariff - E.ON

Go Clean with your tariff*

Upgrade our fixed tariffs to a Clean energy option for just £2 per month by flicking the "Go Clean" switch when you get a quote.

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Make sure you're on a tariff that's right for you. There's something for everyone.

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Discover the right E.ON tariff for you. We've got a range of tariffs to suit the savvy savers and total chillers out there.

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Why E.ON?

We're all different, so why should the ways we get our energy be the same? At E.ON, we want you to get the most out of your tariff - no matter who you are.

*Additional information


We're not currently able to upgrade your tariff if you're an E.ON Click customer, or if you're on our Fix and Drive tariff which already comes with Clean goodness.


These are Dual Fuel or electricity-only tariffs, except Fix and Drive, which is Dual Fuel only.

Payment method

You'll be able to get these tariffs if you want to pay by Direct Debit or on receipt of your bill, except Fix and Drive, which requires a fixed monthly Direct Debit.

If you pay by key or card, or want to top up your meters online, you'll need to see our prepayment and Smart Pay As You Go tariffs instead.