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Where our customers' money goes

Helping our customers know where their money goes is a big part of building their trust in us.

Imagine your bill is £100 plus VAT. Where does this money go?

We provide one of life's essentials and play a vital role in our customers' lives. This is what goes into bringing light and warmth into their homes.

We're all working hard to control what our business spends, but many of the costs we can't control.  What we can do is give our customers advice to help them become more energy efficient, enabling them to reduce their bills and save money.

These numbers are based on 2017 end of year figures.

Cost to buy energy = £37

£37 in every £100

The price we pay on the energy market for buying the electricity and gas we sell to our customers.

Cost to buy energy - E.ON

Getting energy to our customers' homes = £26

£26 in every £100

We have to pay other companies to use their pipes, wires and cables to transport electricity and gas to our customer's homes.

Getting energy into our customers' homes - E.ON

Looking after our customers = £19

£19 in every £100

The cost of running our call centres, billing plus reading, fitting and maintaining meters, etc.

Looking after our customers - E.ON

Helping customers who need it most = £4

£4 in every £100

As part of a government programme, we spend millions on poorer quality homes to make them warmer and more energy efficient.

Helping customers in need - E.ON

Supporting cleaner energy = £9

£9 in every £100

The amount that goes towards government funding for renewable energy, like wind farms.

Supporting renewable energy - E.ON

The money we earn = £5

£5 in every £100

The amount we're left with when all other costs from supplying homes with energy are taken into account.

Money we earn - E.ON