Energy monitor and software

If you've got a question about your energy monitor or its software, take a look at our answers to frequently asked questions below.

Energy monitor

Can I use data from the monitor outside of the software?

Yes, you can download the data into a CSV or excel file. You can then use this to do your own comparison. This is only the raw consumption data though and won’t include any indicative costs.

Does it have to be professionally installed?

No, the energy monitor device is not intrusive; this means that no electrical connection is made. However, please follow the instructions in the User Guide when you install the sensor. If you are unsure contact a qualified electrician. If the connection looks loose or the meter looks damaged, please give us a call.

Does it matter where I put the monitor?

No, but it makes good sense to place it where you can easily glance at it, perhaps at your desk or on a shelf. The radio signal from the transmitter should cover a distance of 30 metres, but solid walls and obstructions can affect this.

Does the device need batteries?

The monitor has been specifically designed to run off the mains power supply, so it's always on, ready to give you information at a glance.

How can I detect faulty appliances?

The monitor won’t identify if the appliance is faulty, however keep an eye on the monitor when different appliances are turned on and off. Check the consumption against the manufacturer’s specification, it may differ slightly and older machines are almost certain to use more. There will come a time when the appliance is using far more than it should and replacement should be considered.

How can I measure off peak circuits?

If you would like to monitor any off peak circuits then you can either connect this monitor and transmitter to the circuit in question or alternatively purchase an additional monitor from our webshop. Please note that this is a different energy monitor than the one that is available with the Energy Fit Starter Pack.

How do I install the monitor?

This system has been designed to be quick and easy. it's all explained in the user guide which will be sent with your Energy fit starter pack, or you can download a PDF copy.

Download a copy of the Energy Fit User Guide here (PDF).  

Please ensure that it is safe to fit the transmitter at your electricity meter. If you are in any doubt consult a qualified electrician.

How do I keep my monitor clean?

You can clean the monitor with a damp cloth or duster. Do not immerse it in water.

How much electricity does the energy monitor use?

That depends on your unit costs, but an energy monitor uses about 2p a week to run as its electricity consumption is less than 1 watt. This is approximately the same as a standard mobile phone charger.

The screen goes blank. Why does this happen?

This should only happen when you’re using more than 20Kwh at any one time, this is a large amount of electricity. The display will go blank due to the limitations of the segments on the screen for peak usage amounts over 20kW. The data will be stored in the history though so you won’t lose any of it

My monitor is faulty or has stopped working, what should I do?

If your monitor does not work, try unplugging the monitor for 30 seconds and then turn it back on. You can also refer to the user guide you receive in your Energy Fit Starter. If you’re still having problems please call us on 0333 202 4798 and press 1.

Your energy monitor comes with a standard one year warranty, so if you're sure you've installed the monitor correctly and you've tried the advice on the troubleshooting pages, you can return the faulty monitor to us. We'll send a replacement to you within 28 days of receiving the faulty equipment. Please include your name, full address (including postcode), account number and brief description of the problem and return it to: 

Freepost NAT8560
E.ON Response Centre
Unit 18
Sandbank Business Park
PA23 8PB

What figure should I enter into the display?

If you pay different prices at different times of the day (for example Economy 7) then you will be able to enter these into your monitor and your software. However the monitor will not be able to distinguish differences between the Primary Rate (first 900 kWh per annum) and Secondary rate (remaining kwh) which is due to different consumption levels. Therefore we have entered a default unit price of 10.09p/kWh on your monitor which is an average Secondary rate. If you wish to change this in order to get a more accurate reflection of your costs please enter your Secondary rate as instructed by the guide. 

Your software will be able to give you a more accurate view of your electricity costs based on the prices you pay at different times of the day (which is why it’s important to enter your tariff and prices when you install the software). These figures should be available on a recent bill or if you are unsure give us a call on 0345 052 0000 with your account details to hand.

What happens if I move home?

If you are an existing Energy Fit Starter Pack customer simply take your package to your new home to monitor and understand its energy efficiency. Make sure you contact E.ON to let us know about your new address so we can put you on the best deal and ensure you get to hear about what is happening next on Energy Fit!

What happens to the data if I unplug my energy monitor?

No data will be recorded while the monitor is unplugged. Your reports will show no information for the time period when the monitor is off.

To make sure you keep a copy of any data recorded prior to the monitor being unplugged, we recommend that when you switch the monitor on you download your data using the Energy Fit Software. You can then set the time and the monitor will continue to record your energy usage. Remember to download information at least every 30 days to maintain a continuous record.

Who do I call if I need to speak to someone about my monitor?

In order to talk through any products, tariffs prices etc., you should call the General Enquires line on 0345 052 0000.

In order to talk through any problems / issues / faults you may have with the monitor or software regarding installation or use, the number to call is 0333 202 4798 and then press 1. 

In order to talk through any energy efficiency advice and / or what your monitor and software is telling you with regards to your usage the number to call is 0333 202 4798 and then press 2. 

Remember lines are open from Monday to Friday 11am-7pm and Saturday 9am-5pm.

Why do I see some dashes instead of energy (watts) occasionally?

From time to time the display unit may temporarily lose its signal. This can be caused by a number of reasons (including being out of range of the transmitter). Please ensure it is within 30 metres of the transmitter if it is then it should reconnect in a matter of seconds.

Why is my display showing '0' watts (or is very low)?

A fairly easy mistake is to place the CT (sensor jaw) around either more than one cable or a multi-core cable. The CT must be placed around one single mains cable, ideally the fourth from the left as you look at the meter. If you place it around both, it will have a cancelling effect or possibly a very low reading that doesn't reflect the real consumption. The energy monitor measures electricity only. It only monitors the circuit that the clip on transmitter is connected to.

Why is the energy used different to that on my electricity meter?

The energy monitor is specifically designed to highlight areas of usage (and more importantly wastage). It is not intended to replace your more accurate meter. It can complement your installed system by showing you what appliances are costing money now or recently, whereas your meter will show you accumulated usage. The monitor receives information every six seconds whereas your meter continually records usage.

Energy monitor software

Can I install this software on another PC?

Yes, you can install the software on another PC, however, make sure that you always download your history at least once every 30 days or the data will not be the same on both PCs.

I need a replacement software disc

You can download the energy monitor software for free from the website below.

Can I use this software on my Mac without a Windows application?

No. In order to run the software on the Mac you need to ensure that you have a windows application on your Mac. To run Windows applications, you’ll need to have your own copy of either Windows XP or Windows Vista additional software and a Mac with an Intel processor running Mac OS X v10.4.6 or higher. Virtually all new Macs qualify for this, but older Macs may not. If in doubt please check your system profile.

Do I need to change the tariff in my monitor if I change the tariff in my software?

Yes. Unfortunately we are unable to link the tariff change from the software to your monitor therefore if you do change your tariff on the software then make sure you also change it on the monitor to ensure that they are both telling you the same thing. Just follow the instructions in the guide that comes with the pack.

How does the Energy Fit software differ from your Energy Tracker?

The Energy Fit Software allows you to track your real time electricity usage by hour, day, or week as well as over longer periods, whereas the Energy Tracker is based on billing and meter readings and works out your average daily use over the month and compares your usage month by month and against the previous year. The Energy Tracker tracks gas consumption as well as electricity, whereas the Energy Fit Software does not.

How do I install the Energy Fit software?

You will need a computer with CD drive to install the Energy Fit software. Insert the software into the CD/DVD drive; this should launch the software installation wizard. Follow the installation wizard and when the wizard has completed, launch the software from the Programmes menu. To launch the software for the first time after installation click on - Start > All Programs > Energy Fit.

How do I uninstall the software?

Windows XP:  Go to “Start” > “Control Panel” and look for Add/Remove programs. In this list should be the Energy Fit software. Double click the icon to go through the uninstall procedure.

Windows Vista: Go to “Start” > “Control Panel” and look for Add/Remove programs and features. In this list should be the Energy Fit software. Double click the icon to go through the uninstall procedure.

Windows 7: Go to “Start” > “Control Panel” and look for “Uninstall a program”. In this list should be the Energy Fit software. Double click the icon to go through the uninstall procedure. For further information check the README file located on the CD you received with the monitor.

I have changed the tariff in my settings, why is it still showing my old tariff?

If you change your tariff to a date in the future and click save, the software will still show the settings that have been programmed for today's date. You can make sure your amended settings have been saved successfully in the "View Change History" box.

Is there a way to backup the history stored on my PC?

There is no way to back up data to use as a restore function for the software. However, you can backup the history in the form of a CSV file to be used in spreadsheet software. This will allow you to keep backups for yourself.

What exactly does the Energy Fit Software do?

 The Energy Fit Software, which links to your energy monitor through your PC, can store years of energy usage data and can break down your consumption and spending by month, week, day, or even by hour. You usage will be displayed in charts and tables that show you exactly when and where you’re using the most electricity. You can also look at your consumption after you’ve been away from home.

What Windows application does the software run on?

MS Windows 7
MS Windows Vista
MS Windows XP

Why can the software not read the data from the monitor?

If the software is telling you that it cannot read the data that is being sent from the monitor then it is possible that the cable may be faulty.

Why can't I install the Energy Fit software on my PC?

Sometimes an old or corrupt version of SQL may be present on your system, preventing you from installing or using the SQL Server Express software that comes with the Energy Fit Software.

Why does the software say it can't locate the database?

You may not have installed the database as an administrator in which case the database will not have been created. If this has happened, run the installer again, making sure you are logged on as an administrator.

Why do I need to install drivers?

The data cable uses the PL-2303 chipset to handle communications from the monitor. This chipset requires drivers in order to function correctly. Once the drivers are installed and the data cable connected to the computer, there will be a Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port listed inside the Device Manager -> Ports.

Why do I need to install SQL Server Express?

The Energy Fit software stores your historical electricity usage in a database file that resides locally on your computer. You can delete this data at any time by clicking the Clear History button in My Energy Usage -> Your Settings.

Why has it been necessary to install Flash player on my machine?

Flash player is an essential part of the E.ON Energy Fit software package. Not only does it allow you to use the software to its full extent, it will also let you use advanced Flash features present on the E.ON website.

Why is the amount on my bill different to the indicative cost the software is showing?

The indication on the software is calculated by multiplying the unit rates you’ve entered by the amount of units used which the monitor has recorded. This doesn’t take into consideration any standing charges which you might pay. The monitor will also only record usage when it’s plugged in, so for any periods when the monitor is unplugged no usage data will be recorded. If you’d like a more accurate view of your account, simply enter you meter readings online here.

Why is the monitor showing as disconnected in the software when I have connected it?

Unplug the monitor and plug it in again. If this doesn’t work, restart the software and then plug in your monitor.

Why is the monitor still showing as disconnected?

Please uninstall the software by going to:

Windows XP: Go to “Start” > “Control Panel” and look for Add/Remove programs. In this list should be the Energy Fit software. Double click the icon to go through the uninstall procedure.

Windows Vista: Go to “Start” > “Control Panel” and look for Add/Remove programs and features. In this list should be the Energy Fit software. Double click the icon to go through the uninstall procedure.

Windows 7:  Go to “Start” > “Control Panel” and look for “Uninstall a program”. In this list should be the Energy Fit software. Double click the icon to go through the uninstall procedure.

Once uninstalled, use the CD provided with the Energy Fit Starter Pack and install the software again. Once it's reinstalled, restart your computer.