Price Change

Find out everything about our price change affecting our standard variable prices from the 26 April 2017.

Frequently asked questions about our price change

What changes have you made to prices and who are affected?

We’ve announced an increase to our residential standard variable electricity and gas prices, effective from Wednesday 26 April 2017.

This means:

  •           Our standard Dual Fuel customers will see an average price increase of  8.8%
  •           Electricity only customers will see an average price increase of 13.8%
  •           Gas only customers will see an average price increase of 3.8%

Customers on our standard variable tariff will be subject to these price changes.

Why have you decreased gas prices but increased electricity?

We’ve held off increasing our prices for as long as we can. But we’re no longer able to protect our customers from rises in the non-energy parts of the bill that we don’t control, such as government social and environmental programmes, which have risen by around 36%. Find out more about our price change.

When did you last change your prices?

We last increased our standard prices on 18 January 2014 by 3.7% for customers taking both fuels (3.7% electricity and 4.6% gas).

Since then we’ve cut our standard gas prices twice, by 3.5% on 13 January 2015 and 5.1% on 1 February 2016.

Will my Direct Debit change?

No. Your Direct Debit will be reviewed at your next review point and will change if required.

How can I make sure I am on the best tariff?

One of the simplest ways to protect yourself from this price increase is to switch to one of our fixed price tariffs.

What are you doing to help those who are vulnerable?

We’re here to help if you’re worried about paying your energy bill.

If you’re on a low income or have a health problem or disability, depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for a funding scheme to help make your home more energy efficient.

And if you’re concerned about your finances and want to talk to someone, there are many charities that can help you with free, independent and confidential advice.

Like other major suppliers, we also offer the Warm Home Discount which provides rebates to our electricity customers who meet the eligibility criteria. The details for the 2017/2018 scheme have not been finalised yet, but you can register your interest.

What impact will this have on bills?

We’re writing to affected customers with information on how the price increase impacts them. Based on Ofgem national average consumption, for customers paying by fixed monthly Direct Debit and taking paperless bills:

  •           Dual Fuel customers will see their bills increase on average by £97 a year (around 26p a day)
  •           Electricity only customers will see their bills increase on average by £74 a year (around 20p a day)
  •           Gas only customers will see their bills increase on average by  £23 a year (around 6p a day)

If you’re already a customer of ours on our standard variable tariff, E.ON EnergyPlan, you won’t start to see a change to your bill until next month.

And if you’re on a fixed tariff or a prepayment or a Smart Pay-As-You-Go customer, you won’t be impacted.

What makes up my energy bill?

A bill is made up of various different costs, which include the cost of the energy, the charges we pay for transporting it through the networks, customer care costs, the government schemes we’re part of, investment in the future and our earnings. Find out more about what makes up your bill.

Are business prices changing too?

This price change only affects our residential customers.